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Yoga for Children

Help your child develop a sense of themselves in a busy world! This session allows the children to feel their breath and the movement of their bodies. To develop mindfulness and attention to the present moment.

Sessions include movement and yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga and trust games, story time yoga, relaxation and creative meditations.

We will also be practicing positive affirmations, daily gratitude practice and mindfulness.


For parents who may worry that their child would not be ‘still/calm/well behaved’ enough for a yoga class-……

My children’s yoga classes are centered around the needs of the child. Every child is allowed to move freely during the sessions. They are encouraged to move in ways that they feel is right for them, and encouraged to be themselves within the group. The sessions are non competitive, non judgmental and inclusive of all additional needs. Everyone is encouraged to join in, but it’s also okay for children to leave the room and re join when they feel able to.

The Mindfulness of the sessions allows the children to be present in how they are feeling, and any ‘big’ emotions are welcome!


I have a background in working with children with a variety of additional needs, and can adapt my way of working to include your child!

Currently working at Mount Airey School, Haverfordwest, I have also worked a Pennar School and Tavernspite School and run annual sessions at Narberth Food Festival Education Day.

See our weekly classes page for more info on class times and venues. Or contact Amelia to book a private session for your school or community group.




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