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About Amelia


Amelia Stone, founder of Big Play Narberth, specialising in creative enriching activities for children and families, including yoga and Mindfulness, children’s entertainment, soft play and messy play, has over 15 years of experience working with children and families. Amelia began her own children’s entertainment business in 2011, a year and a half after she became a mother, so that she could juggle her work commitments whists prioritising the needs of her children. This business has thrived and developed over the last 7 years. In 2013 the business was rebranded as Big Play Narberth. during this time Amelia and team have entertained at hundreds of birthday parties and events.

Big Play offers organised games and entertainment at community events, children’s events, parties and weddings. Amelia designs games and activities that are fun an engaging for children, so that parties are an enjoyable event, and her focus has always been on how she can make a party fun without it being chaotic and stressful for parents and children. 


Along side this work Amelia has been studying Yoga and Mindfulness, and has established a second business Amelia Stone Wellbeing, that incorporates Yoga and Mindfulness classes and events for children, young people and adults. she is currently focused on sharing events at Cowpots Camping, (a campsite her partner and her are now running) she also does a lot of work in schools, sharing mindfulness and meditation techniques with children, young people and staff. 

it is for this reason that Amelia is now looking to sell Big Play Narberth, and is hoping to hand it on to someone who might be able to give it more time and energy!